ANNOUNCEMENT: Change of Objectives and performance target

Planners Athletic Club have announced major changes in the club’s principal objectives and philosophy.

Below is a statement from the club’s hierarchy.

In the past Okyeman Planners Football Club was more of a traditional team where the people living in and around Akim Tafo were rooting for Premier League football which ultimately defined the ambitions and objectives of the club.

In our first two seasons we were focused on winning all matches to secure qualification to the Premier League which is top-flight football. The team used to boast of matured players like Richard Atta currently of Hearts Of Oak, Nasiru Banahene of FK Honka and others during those periods.

Presently we are a youth development oriented team which has changed some key dynamics of our objectives, philosophy and target with 90% of our players are youngsters who are being prepared for future opportunities.

The ultimate plan for the club now is to set up a world-class modern Soccer Academy.

In this regard we’re looking to partner foreign and local football enthusiasts to realise these key objectives and target. In the coming days we will announce a groundbreaking partnership which will chart the new direction we want to go.

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