Luck eluded an exciting Planners side that managed to squeeze out a point from Krystal Palace from Akosombo on Wednesday afternoon.

Striker Eric Abdul Razak Kipo missed an 80th minute penalty on an afternoon that would have iced an entertaining performance from coach Bulley’s boys.

The creativity and impressive techniques of winger Osman Haqi eliminated his markers with cheeky ease as he thrilled the home fans who thanked their stars for the draw.

It was also a day for returnee defender Philip Gameli who anchored the backline with gallant vigilantism and pure exhibition of control and sturdiness.

Bulley opted for a 5-man midfield that saw Ato Junior and Adams Juniors joined Joshua Karbo as Amon Kotey and Haqi offer some level of offensive valve to the team.

The system totally shut down the Palace midfield and gagged their sense of creativity thus limiting their imaginations on the ball.

The first clear chance of the game fell to Amon who fired the ball just wide. However 10 minutes later perhaps the best chance of the game dropped to Razak Kipo who watched in disbelief as his goal-bound effort was palmed to corner by the hosts goalkeeper.

That chance remained the talking point of the match until the opposition striker cheaply squirmed the ball to the path of Rashid Musah despite creating space and angle for himself to fire at goal.

Planners perpetuated their dominance after the break with Haqi causing havoc and trouble for the hosts defenders. In one instance he toyed with four opposition defenders but his final ball let him down.

A few minutes later he went past two defenders through the middle and beat the keeper on his way to scoring when he was hacked down by the keeper.

The referee pointed to the spot and Kipo missed from the spot. Planners had to defend with great diligence until the game petered out.

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