Planners President George Afriyie

President George Afriyie to play influential role on Division One League Advisory Committee

Planners Athletic Club President George Afriyie will serve on a 5-member GFA Advisory Committee to look into proposals for an 18-club Division One League.

The President’s worth of experience and unrivalled knowledge on administering club football in the country influenced Zone III clubs to nominate and mandate him to represent their common position and interest on the committee.

His opinion on the 18-club league proposal has been profound as he has kicked against the intention to trim the size of Division One clubs from 48 to 18 citing Article 81 (6) of the Ghana FA General Statutes to battress his point.

“I also feel compelled as a club owner to get involved in deciding on matters that affect the nucleus of our clubs thus my decision to accept the nomination from club owners and administrators from Zone 3. I believe that we need to come together to review and amend the current statutes as we agreed in principle at the last congress of the Normalisation Committee,” the President opined in a statement released last week.

“I believe that the future of our football ultimately lies in the choices and decisions we make today. Therefore my position is that there must be a broader engagement and consultation on the subject with the wider football legislature (CONGRESS) because every Premier League club is a potential Division One League club, every Division One League club is a potential Premier League club, or a Division Two club,” the President opined in a statement released last week,” he added.

The President served as Vice chairman of the Division One League Board for two consecutive terms and is well abreast with issues affecting clubs in the second-tier.

Source: Planners Communications Department

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